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About the alumni membership

DTU's alumni network is for anyone who has received a degree* from DTU, DTH, DIA, IHK or NAC. It is also open for exchange students, and employers with more than a 3-year employee record.

The network comprises more than 25,000 members - membership is free of charge.

Why you should join

Creating a profile with DTU Alumni lets you:

  • find old classmates and keep in touch with the university
  • access and manage knowledge networks and info services
  • receive relevant career opportunities and the alumni newsletter 
  • get invitations to relevant alumni events and activities throughout the year
  • establish chapters abroad and reach other DTU profiles wherever you go

How alumni are making DTU a better University

The alumni of DTU are valuable assets as ambassadors of the University and as a source of support and information for DTU as an educational institution, and a center of innovation.

As a DTU alumnus you can advance DTU as an institution by:

  • aiding students, startups and SMEs as a mentor
  • take part in alumni events as key speaker, evangelist, industry representative or knowledge broker
  • act as a contact point between DTU, industries and key innovation areas - both abroad and on a national basis
  • act as an ambassador, and spread the idea, concept and message of DTU as an institution and a study experience. You could start by liking and sharing our stories on Facebook and LinkedIn  
  • suggest and contribute stories, leads, portraits and opportunities for your fellow alumni. This could be anything from alumni achievements, people using engineering for novel feats/in novel industries, events, conferences and stories from the life as a DTU Alumnus. Write us at
  • enter into DTU boards, panels or act as judges in for example Grøn Dyst/Green Challenge


And finally - and this is no small thing - share and update your (career) information via your Alumni profile. This information enables DTU to assess, direct and analyse the university's impact on industries and improve upon the relevance of its education  for future generations of students.